I’m Preston Smith, a communications professional with 20+ years of experience in marketing, public relations, digital media, and strategy development. In early 2020, God opened my eyes to the global crisis of human trafficking. I mistakenly thought slavery was a thing of the past, but I was incredibly wrong. After spending several months researching, asking questions and praying about what to do, the Lord gave me a vision for how to engage in the fight. That’s how Caris Consulting was born.

Caris is the Greek word for “grace.” It means God’s unmerited favor, and it’s my absolute favorite word in all of Scripture. Caris Consulting is a ministry built on God’s grace as the foundation and His Son, Jesus, as its cornerstone. His grace—fulfilled in Christ’s finished work on the cross—fuels every facet of this ministry and its work to help combat slavery today.


Caris Consulting exists to glorify God by working to eradicate slavery.


We live out our purpose through what we believe God has given us as our mission:

To disrupt the demand for the commercial exploitation of people and come alongside organizations fighting on the front lines against slavery worldwide.


We will fulfill our mission through two core strategies:

1. Disrupt the demand: Slavery ends when there is no demand for the commercial exploitation of people in which they are bought and sold as property. We will boldly confront the factors that fuel this demand beginning in our hearts, our homes, our communities, our regions and states, our nation, and the world.

2. Help the helpers: There are many small organizations and ministries working to eradicate slavery, rescue its victims and restore its survivors. We will serve these organizations however we can to help amplify their efforts in the fight.


Our vision is to see the complete eradication of slavery from the world in our lifetime.


Whether you’re a small nonprofit working in the field of anti-trafficking, a local church interested in equipping your congregation, or someone interested in helping end slavery, Caris Consulting would love to connect with you.